Virus Removal Bath

Expert same day on-site virus and spyware removal

If your machine behaving oddly, running slowly or is plagued by odd programs and windows popping-up, then you may have an unwanted guest. There are various types of malicious software which can get onto your machine from the Internet. 

Viruses are programs which are installed onto your machine without your consent or knowledge. The can be very destructive, even deleting your data. They can also spread themselves to other machines. Spyware are programs which can track your Internet usage, possibly stealing private information, and can cause your system to behave oddly and run slowly, particularly when connected to the Internet. Adware are often small programs which renders advertising, they can be very annoying and slow your system down with needless pop-up adverts.

Keeping such nasty pieces of software out of your system is one thing, but cleaning a machine which has been infected can be particularly troublesome. If you suspect you have unwanted guests our trained technicians can detect and remove Spyware, Adware and viruses. More importantly we can advise you how to make sure you don't suffer further infections.

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