Internet Security Services Bath

Expert same day on-site internet security and firewall services.

How secure is your network? Whether you have a simple home machine or a more extensive business network you cannot afford to be without Internet security. When connected to the Internet your machine is vulnerable to viruses, data theft and more.

The best security is offered by a firewall, this controls all access to the internet, ensuring that there is no unauthorised data traffic. Most machines can run firewall software, and most modern broadband modems and routers have firewalls already installed. You probably won't need any extra hardware or software to get your firewall up and running.

Don't fall victim to a virus, Spyware, hackers or other Internet threats, make sure your system is fully secure with our Internet Security service, available on-site at very competitive rates. We will install firewalls, anti-virus software and other security measures to ensure that your system stays fit and clean, and all your data stays secure.

Stay safe, call our security experts on 01225 220 036